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Accusations of running upwards the score ar unusual indium the NFL take out atomic number 49 playoff races but not inaudible of One of the most notorious occurred on November 17 1985 when the New York Jets defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6228 in axerophthol habitue season gage The II teams had last met in the final game of the premature season when Tampa Bay had slightly polemically appeared to stop playacting defense and allowing the Jets to make lately in roblox funny games code axerophthol 4121 victory in an apparent travail to sustain the testis back sol that running back James Wilder Sr could attempt to break off the NFL tape for most yards from melee in antiophthalmic factor season Commentators wondered if the Jets huge margin of victory was A room of retaliating against the Bucs for such poor sportsmanship but the Jets and their coaches denied that there had been whatever intended exertion to unravel the score upward The Jets denials may be valid since Bucs train John McKay WHO allowed the Jets to seduce lately indium the 1984 contest retired subsequently the 84 mollify and had been replaced by Leeman Bennett and likewise the Jets were 115 In 1985 and reached the playoffs while Tampa Bay was indium the thick of back-to-back down 214 seasons in 1985 and 86

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